Building Toward the Future


A New Day for Gift Planning

Donor Cultivation

  • Donor Cultivation

Speaker: Simone Joyaux

Use whatever word you want: Relationship building. Stewardship. Cultivation... But always remember this: Donors give through your organization to fulfill their own aspirations. Do you know my aspirations? Do you know my philanthropic story? Will you honor me with the best solicitation I've ever experienced?

  • Increasing Diversity in our Organization's Planned Giving Programs

Speaker: Lori Kranczer

In this session we will review typical planned giving programs and discuss ways to increase the diversity and inclusion of our donors to make planned gifts. We will address cultural relevancy, shared experiences, different perspectives of wealth in how they inform our donors of legacy giving. We will cover practical applications of how to market to our donors using different gift vehicles that broaden our base of planned giving donors, and the best conversation starters that are relevant across our donors to increase inclusion.

  • 1876 Heritage Society Revival

Speaker: Monica Mattioli

This session will cover the process of rebranding and reinventing a legacy society that had been dormant for decades. The process involves forensic and marketing research, identifying "current" members and surfacing new prospects, establishing the framework for a contemporary program (cultivation, stewardship), branding and collateral creation, website redesign (Crescendo), multimedia programmatic components, goals and outcomes measurements - all in the midst of pandemic.

  • Generations of Giving - From Teen Philanthropy to Legacy Society

Speaker: Laura Linder

Explore ways to enhance your planned giving program by engaging philanthropists across the generations. During this interactive and engaging session, you'll learn about proven ways to engage teens in active philanthropy through individual giving and group grant making, providing an open door to engage their parents and grandparents in discussions about legacy gifts. We'll share proven strategies for having meaningful conversations with your most senior donors about their values and their philanthropy, resulting in increased legacy gifts.